Love to sing?Dance? Read?
With Jackie Jamis you can do all three!

Not only that but Jackie Jamis is the 

anti-bullying role model that everyone needs!

Read on to find out why!


Jackie Jamis: The Anti-Bullying Hero!


Introducing Jackie Jamis!

Jackie Jamis lives on Jamis' Farm with his mom, Georgette, his dad, Jack and his cute farm animals Jamon, Bandit, Brady and Olive.  His community is small but very friendly!  He gets together with the neighborhood kids almost every day!  That is...after he finishes his homework and his chores!  In fact his mother sends him out to play!  


Jackie's a Great Kid!

One of the most important things about Jackie Jamis is that he is an honest, hard-working, reliable boy who will always watch your back!  He knows how to stand up to bullies, making him an anti-bullying role model. He will stand up for what is right, and try to make peace all at the same time! Jackie wants to do what's right....and he feels good about himself because of it!  Not only that, but the kids in the neighborhood love him because he is such a great friend!  And you know what?  He loves them too!


Jackie Loves Life!

Because he lives on a farm, his favorite pastime is jumping in the hay! You will often see Jackie wrestling with his dad or his friends in the backyard as the other kids in the neighborhood cheer him on!

Mrs. Jamis always provides the cookies! 

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